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"That" Kid

There once was a kindergartener named Ben. Ben was “that" kid. The kid that was always in trouble, the kid that the teacher was always calling out, the kid that others didn’t want to play with, and the kid that other parents talked about. As the years went by, it was just the same old story over and over again. Different teachers, different situations, but Ben was still “that" kid. When I think back to Ben, I think about how he could have benefited from having someone who understood him, accepted him, and encouraged him no matter what and how that could have helped him grow and alter the path he took through his elementary years and on. Do you know any kids like Ben?

Welcome Coaches, to Uniquely Wired Kids! We are so excited that you are here with us! There are so many reasons why you might be joining us. Maybe you are wondering what it would be like to coach kids. Maybe you are already coaching kids but would like some more information or ideas and guidance to incorporate into your coaching practice. Or maybe you stumbled upon us by accident but are intrigued with the idea of working with kids. And what if we told you that coaching kids is absolutely doable and also absolutely needed in the world we live in today.

We’re not talking about any ol’ kid. We’re talking about kids who need a little extra support or guidance. We’re talking about the kids that pull on our heartstrings a little harder because we know they are struggling. We’re talking about the kids who seem to get in trouble at school all the time. The kids that think outside the box but are being pushed into a culture of conformity. The kids that have big emotions but don’t know how to manage them. And the kids that are easily misunderstood.  We’re talking about the kids who might just need another person in their corner, rooting them on. We’re talking about kids who aren’t “like everyone else.” We’re talking about uniquely wired kids.

Does any of this sound familiar? I'm sure that at least one child came to mind. We all know them. Maybe they are in your family, in your child’s school, your best friend’s kid, or maybe possibly even your own. Uniquely wired kids are all around us and guess what...  that is a good thing! We don’t want kids to be “just like everyone else.” We don’t want our children to think that just because they are different, they are wrong. That is the furthest thing from the truth and as coaches, we can help facilitate that belief. We don’t want these kids to change, we just want them to grow and excel in life, whatever that looks like.

As coaches, we know how to work with adults… we know what is needed from us and what they are looking for. But what about kids? Can kids be coached? The answer is simply, yes they can. And in fact, the need is growing, especially in these unprecedented times. So, how do you coach kids?

Well, that is what Uniquely Wired Kids is all about. We have a passion for kids, decades of experience working with them, and success in applying the coaching competencies to children. We want to extend our proven approach beyond our own practices. Our mission at Uniquely Wired Kids is to help coaches help kids. A lot of children out there need coaches...they need YOU!

So, are you up for the challenge? 

For kids,

Kayci and Diane
Uniquely Wired Kids, LLC
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